Residence is Open for New Members

Do you want to be part of a collective of theatre makers, live artists, performers, writers and directors?

You might be a company or an individual and there are no judgements made about you or your practice, we’ll just see if we can actually help you and you can help us.

We are open to to anyone.

Residence is not just an office and rehearsal space which we passively consume, it is a collective we actively work to improve. As part of our joining process you’ll get to know how we work and that is just as import as us getting to know you.

We have completed our big membership drive and now if you want to join we will make sure you get an invite to all our events and that way you can see if the space and the way we work and what we do is for you.

If you want to join simply get in touch with us as


The Milk Bar, Saint Nicholas Street, Bristol

Open for new members