Residence in Residence

The beginning of Residence in Residence
In 2011 Tobacco Factory kindly allowed us to take over their building for two days. We decided to use the space to create a temporarily expanded version of what Residence does. The most effectual element of our organisation is how it puts the SOCIAL at the centre of our work. Merely by being in regular contact with other artists we’ve all benefited. So Residence in Residence tried to do the same thing. Simply bring artists, producers and programmers together in the same space.

Since we knew we couldn’t get away with just hanging out looking beautiful we structured the event around a few things. There were works-in-progress, installations and performances by Residence members; Rather than showcase our work, we were interested in just putting it out there for discussion and feedback and most of it was unfinished which reflected how we generally show work at Residence. There was also dinner, breakfast and a party. All opportunities to chat with other artists, artist-led projects, producers and programmers.

pete philips (19 of 91)   DSCF1778DSCF1742   DSCF1839

On the Saturday there were two discussion events. We invited five Artist led projects to join us in a discussion about the benefits of being artist led, what’s difficult about it and why there aren’t more of them in live art and performance, which was chaired by Katie Keeler from Theatre Bristol. Andy Field from Forest Fringe; Edinburgh, Gary from The institute for the art and practice of dissent at home in Liverpool; Louise from Showroom in Aberystwyth; Alexandra and Paul from Live Art Falmouth and Greg from Stoke Newington International Airport. There was also a discussion later in the day chaired by Residence, which included 5 provocateurs, with 5 different provocations around new work, given 5 minutes to kick up some fuss, then a free for all in response. The provocateurs were Kate Yedigaroff from Residence, Hannah from New Work Network, Andy Field from Forest Fringe and Gary from the institute for art and the practice of dissent at home.  We invited projects and artists who inspire us and programmers, artistic directors and producers who we think need/want to be part of the dialogue. We encouraged Residence members to invite anyone they thought needed to be there as well.

Residence in Residence and Forest Fringe
Residence and Forest Fringe like to work together on projects when the opportunity arises.  In 2010, we took over Forest Fringe for a day creating a “NO THEATRE ZONE” which included knitting, a “how to” library, games and a film.  We gave a talk about Residence and we showed a few micro and work in progress performances.  The day culminated with a Robot disco complete with Robot Making facilities and parade.

IMG_3105 IMG_3096 IMG_3069

Residence in Residence: The Future
We have been plotting, planning and scheming and Residence in Residence will rise again. We are  interested in playing and experimenting with the format, working with new people and creating new events and opportunities both in the UK and further afield. If you are interested in a Residence in Residence happening in a place near you contact us; /

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