hideaway flyer

Residence runs occasional Hideaways, weekend-long residencies offering artists or artist led initiatives a chance to stay at The Milk Bar, work on their own projects and take part in social and artistic exchange with us.

Make and design you residency with us here is a menu of some of the things on offer:

hideaway menu

Artists are offered £150 Fee, travel and subsistence costs up to £100 and project expenses. We would like to know what you would do with a weekend exchange with residence? And, why would you like the opportunity? Answer these questions in no more than 400 words and email your answers along with a 150 word description about you and your practice to sarahjanewarden@googlemail.com by 1.9.2013 ( with an email subject heading hideaway open call application)

“The Residence hideaway allowed LOW PROFILE to have some focused time and space to focus on the developing new ideas/work. The work that we started during this short residency has since led to developing fully worked out pieces (performances/video/a new format for our artist talk) that we have been, and will continue to present elsewhere”

Low profile

Previous Hideaway artists include:

Jake Orr, 23 – 25 November 2012:   

Bordering between a creative practitioner, digital facilitator and commentator. Fuelled by my obsession with theatre and all things digital, I attempt to produce work that sits between the thin line of audience / curator / maker that enages in, with and around theatre and the arts.


Zierle & Carter:

Alexandra Zierle and Paul Carter’s collaborative work is interdisciplinary, multi-sensory and site and context responsive spanning from live art/performance art, happenings and interventions, to sound, video and installation. Through their practice, Zierle & Carter critically examine different modes of communication and what it means to be human both as individuals and as a collective entity. Their work addresses notions of belonging, cultural identity, the dynamics within relationships, harmony through conflict and the transformation of limitations.




LOW PROFILE is a collaboration between artists Rachel Dobbs (IRL) and Hannah Jones (UK) working together to make Live art since 2003. They are currently based in Pylmouth. LOW PROFILE’s work is about not giving up, the impossible, the endless and the obsessive – our experiences of everyday life magnified and put on show


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