Making In The City: residence at the Parlour

Residence are working with Showroom projects this July to launch their 6 month ‘In the city’ series of performance, talks and exhibitions. Residence have co-produced one day of chat  in this opening series           ‘Making in the city’ we will be talking about creative communities in Bristol,  capacity buildings, how we age in an artist-led model  all with ilana Mitchell – and any art dilemma you can think of which needs resolving via a a good old battle of ping pong. The chat is proudly bookended by the presentation of a new Search Party performance MY SON & HEIR.

Full programme details:

Making in the CityA six-month programme of performance and talks about the future of our city curated by The Showroom Projects in collaboration with RESIDENCE, KWMC, PLaCE, IBT, MAYK, YOU & YOUR WORK and University of Bristol

MY SON & HEIR | performance | 12th-13th July | Friday 8pm & Saturday 6pm | £7 by Search Party 

My Son & Heir is a rabbit-skinning, back-garden camping, plastic-gun wielding, towel-whipping, lager-drinking, Harley Davidson-buying reflection on how we raise boys. This relentless celebration of parenthood questions the responsibilities of parenting, shifting perceptions of love and what it means to be a man.

Search Party: ‘My Son & Heir’ : Commissioned by The Showroom Projects with support from University of Chichester

Ilana Mitchell in conversation | talk | Sat 13th July | 10.30am-12pm | £4 A discussion about the politics of artistic practice in the city.

Residence at the Parlour | games | discussion | Sat 13th July | 12-4pm | Free
Join Bristol based artist-led community; Residence to settle some age old art battles once and for all with a game of ping-pong. A game of versus, choose your battle, support your team, help decide.ITC_1_makinginthecity_eflyer-1

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