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SOLO Contemporary Performance Forum: OPEN CALL

CALLING ALL SOLO PERFORMANCE MAKERS SOLO is a South West based solo performance forum coordinated by Misri Dey and Ria Hartley, which has been set up for regional, national and international solo devisor/performers to develop, show or simply work in a non-isolated environment. It consists of dialogues, laboratories, platforms and residencies. SOLO seeks to create … Continue reading

Residence is Open for New Members

Do you want to be part of a collective of theatre makers, live artists, performers, writers and directors? You might be a company or an individual and there are no judgements made about you or your practice, we’ll just see if we can actually help you and you can help us. We are open to … Continue reading

Residence Away Day at Home

Residence Away Day at Home

Last week we had another away day, we meet and discussed Residence, what we are all up to and how we are working as a collective. At the moment these meetings happen about every 6 months. This time we decided that the Milk Bar needed a bit of care, and so instead of going away … Continue reading