Residence away day high

We had an away day recently, it was wet, cold, muddy but energising and fun and has left me with a load of nagging questions as well a lot of comedy photo’s of James, Sam, Sylvia and Sita trying to fly in the wind on table mountain. I wonder, aside from the big question of whether man will ever fly without machine….

What are the current models / approaches for mid career artists to look to for a sustainable practice in the current climate, and can the strength of a collective community be one approach?

Are artist led collectives often age specific? Is there a natural drop off as we get older?

What does a coherent collective voice sound like? Bland? A mess? Confused? Diverse?


2013-04-14 10.38.212013-04-14 10.38.36

2013-04-14 11.02.07               2013-04-14 11.03.05