Yesterdays Guardian blog….and the hectic world of Tom Marshman

Have a look at yesterdays Guardian Blog great to see such questions being asked in relation to what’s going on here in Bristol. How far should theatre push us?….

Tom Marshman is pushing his own limits on the busy stakes over the next two weeks, last night he was at Toynbee studios for  a performance at ‘I love you, but we only have four minutes to save the earth’ and tomorrow you can catch him at Duckie where he’ll be performing a short act alongside Mehmet Sander and The Eggs Collective  at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern. On Sat 2nd March he’s heading over to Brighton for supper Club where he’ll be presenting his latest short piece ‘Botox Party’, and finally up to Birmingham for shout on saturday march 9th for another manifestation of move over darling (local LGBT stories). Have a look at Toms blog for more info –