SOLO SHOWCASE 19th and 20th March 2015

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SOLO SHOWCASE presents 4 premieres of new Contemporary Performance from Bristol-based artists

Thurs 19 & Fri 20 March 2015
The Trinity Centre

Doors from 7.30pm | Show 8pm

Two evenings, 4 premieres.

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Thursday evening


Performance by Alessandro Marzotto Levy

RabbitFear and the unknown can be paralysing.

Can we let such fears escape our minds and bodies?

Rabbit revolves around the several lies that we create in order to protect ourselves.

Is it possible to take risks in life without becoming paralysed by the fear of being judged by others, but firstly by ourselves.

Alessandro Marzotto Levy is a dance maker working solo and within ensemble Impermanence Dance Theatre. Alessandro creates new ways of dancing by placing himself outside of his comfort zone to find in himself new choreographies. His performance resonates feeling and emotion by creating something beautiful that can be taken home and reflected upon. Alessandro wishes to relate to a wide range of audience, through advice and exploration with other artists.  



With Force and Noise
Performance by Hannah Sullivan

with force and noiseWhen was the last time you got angry?

With Force and Noise is Hannah’s first attempt at articulating anger. It is an experiment in costume and words: autobiography and fiction, blurred bodies and unsung bells. It starts with the colour red.

Within the research process Hannah met with researchers in International Politics at Bath University and with the Centre for the History of Emotions at Queen Mary. The work has been made in collaboration with costume designer Annelies Henney, Dramaturg Alice Tatton Brown and supported by Mentor Lou Cope. During devising Hannah worked with artist Jo Waterhouse to create the accompanying bookwork ‘Anger’.

Scratched as ‘Violent Creatures’ at Ferment Fortnight and Practice in 2014, With Force and Noise has been supported by Bristol Ferment, Bath ICIA, Shoreditch Town Hall, Solo Contemporary Performance Forum and Arts Council England.

Hannah Sullivan is a Bristol based Performance Maker. She works with autobiography, popular culture and contemporary choreography, creating a collaboration of text, song and movement with a powerful simplicity. Hannah collaborates with other artists in sound or costume and has recently worked with researchers in history and politics within her development periods. Hannah’s previous solo ‘Echo Beach’ was programmed at Mayfest, Battersea Arts Centre and The Place. Hannah is a graduate of Dartington College of Arts and The University of Bristol and is a member of Interval, an artist-led support network and space in Bristol.



Jo Hellier completes the bill with a flood-inspired sound installation (full info below)


Friday evening


Performance by Bella Fortune

bubbleBubbletiquette is an autobiographically driven show that examines acts of fidgeting and social etiquette. Fidgeting as a form of communication can be tricky to translate. Are we enforcing focus or driving ourselves to distraction? What, if anything, are our bodies trying to say and should we be paying more attention?

Bella is a Bristol based writer, performer and performance maker. She creates poetry and performance that examines social convention with a focus on the perceived line between adaptability and falsehood. Her first solo theatre piece What Elsie Knows was performed as part of Mayfest at the Wardrobe in 2014 and described as “a well acted, neat, engaging little piece.. . well worth catching.” (Stagetalk Magazine)



Tea with your ancestors
Performance by Alice Human

AliceA poetic and surreal sonic performance dedicated to our ancestors.

Alice explores the interaction between the live and the recorded, the present and the past, being born and dying. To understand how we can capture the qualities of what was, and what does spirituality mean for us now?

Alice Human is a sonic artist and performance creator based in Bristol. She makes audio installations, sonic walks and tours and theatre pieces. she is fascinated by the potential for live and recorded sound to act as auditory symbols, stimulating memory and spaces. Alice Human other sonic work includes ‘Bell’ a walk set in St Mary Redcliffe Church, Bristol, ‘Earth, Sky, Meet’ a sonic journey in Victoria Park, Bristol and ‘Trains of Thought’ a 40 minute binaural sonic experience for headphones on a train. Alice is a member of Residence.



Flood Plans
Installation by Jo Hellier


DCIM100GOPROWhen rivers join together their streams combine to make something stronger. That, or they burst their banks, flood and destroy.

This installation is the second incarnation of Flood Plans; the first took the form of a performance that premiered at IBT15. Through the creation of this installation Jo hopes to further explore, through sound and video, research that she implemented in collaboration with musician Yas Clarke.

Dramaturgy from Alice Tatton-Brown

Supported by Arts Council England, Interval, Bristol Ferment, In Between Time and Battersea Arts Centre.

Jo Hellier is an artist working with performance, installation, film and sound. Currently her work is concerned with ecologies in the widest sense, looking at natural ecosystems and comparing them to human structures; from the microcosms of the body to the broader systems of society. She likes work that allows her to see something in a new way or discover new aspects of feelings she thought she already knew.

After graduating from Dartington Jo Hellier worked in London and Mexico before settling in Bristol. Here she created 97 Years an interactive installation produced by SPILL, Women, Bikes, The Future a film and exhibition and The Water Is Wide a site specific performance about communicating scale.



Ticket Info

£10/conc £8 per evening
£18/conc £15 for both evenings


SOLO showcase is supported by Arts Council England, The Trinity Centre, Bristol Ferment, Residence and Falmouth University.