Keep Residence in The Milk Bar!

Support Residence’s bid to Bristol City Council to become lease holders of 11 St Nicholas Street!

11 St Nicholas Street (The Milk Bar) has been home to our artist-led community since 2009. We were originally housed here under Bristol City Council’s Capacity scheme, which supported artists with peppercorn rent deals on buildings that had been vacant for years. The Milk Bar had been empty for years before we moved in. The scheme has done a lot to improve areas, contributing hugely to the vibrant and culturally active Bristol we see today. We’ve run all kinds of events from The Milk Bar – gigs, performances, installations, film screenings in the windows, work in progress showings, parties, as well as using the spaces as office and rehearsal space for Residence artists to make their own work. Being here all under the same roof means the work everyone makes has been able to flourish, in a supportive environment. Residence artists now take their work all over the world.

The Council’s capacity scheme has now come to an end, and 11 St Nicholas Street is now going on the open market. Residence would like to stay and take on the lease at market value. We are able to pay the market rates, but are concerned that our offer will not be considered as valuable as a commercial business who can pay over the market rates.

Please support Residence’s offer on The Milk Bar by signing this petition asking that the council make us their first choice for the tenancy, and take into account the cultural offer we bring rather than just the monetary. Let the council know that artist led spaces are an important part of our communities, widely appreciated, and part of what makes Bristol different.


Here’s the petition – it takes one minute to sign! Please show your support.