Leo Burtin at Residence this week

We’ve got Leo Burtin here at Residence for a few days, to do some work on The Midnight Soup, a performance project he is currently developing with dramaturgical support from Mark Whitelaw & mentoring from Rajni Shah. The Midnight Soup is produced by Talk with LEAP as part of the Homemade series, with thanks to Catherine Shaw and through support from ARC (Stockton) and Live At LICA (Lancaster).

It’s a performance to be presented at a dinner table, for an audience of up to twelve guests. A meal will be prepared and shared as part of the piece. Over the course of an intimate performance meal and using his grandmother’s diary as source material, Leo will explore the complexities of suicide in older people and hope that this very personal, auto/biographical base can be a useful conversation starter.

We’re supporting Leo with some time and space, looking forward to hearing and discussing some early ideas. He’ll be coming back in March next year to continue working on the piece, and hopefully to cook for us all.


The Midnight Soup

The Midnight Soup is about suicide.

It is about losing someone you love, to themselves.

It is about remembering, and it is about moving forward.

It is about not knowing, it is about asking and it is about respect.

The Midnight Soup could be made by anyone and it is always for sharing.

It is for keeping warm, and it is for getting together.