Pop-Up Persia Dining – Sara Zaltash’s yummy fundraiser for Tuul – a durational trilogy


Traditional persian recipes.
Contemporary ingredients.
Gorgeous dining experiences.

Thursday 6th and Friday 7th November


Autumn Menu

Fresh naan
Seasonal herbs, radishes and Persian feta
Courgette and Herb Fritters – special recipe, irresistable
Strained yogurt with wild garlic – non-dairy alternatives available
Halim Bademjoon – grilled aubergine and whey dip
Gridled Lamb Maghz – thick, tender slices of sheeps brain. Yep.
Spiced Kale, Hazelnut and Barberry Tahchin – layered savoury rice baked with yogurt
Mushroom Ghormeh Sabzi – green herb and kidney bean stew with chunky mushrooms and celery
Koofteh Tabrizi – stewed herby beef dumplings with plum filling.
Rosewater sorbet – homemade
Sholeh zard – persian rice pudding made with saffron and pistachios, dairy free
Cardamon tea

£20 per diner. Beer, cider and wine for sale at £3 a glass.
Booking essential. Capacity limited. Food delicious.


Sara Zaltash is a British-Iranian artist and member of Residence. She makes performance and live art, and also cooks enormous Persian banquets for all her friends, even the ones that she has yet to meet. Come, feast, be pleased.

Pop-Up Persia is part of a performance project called Tuul, which Sara will be performing at the Milk Bar in Bristol from 21st-30th November. Tuul, meaning “duration” in Persian, is a trilogy of durational performances that draw inspiration from Sara’s life as a British-Iranian woman growing up through religion and rock’n’roll.

Pop-Up Persia is just a good old fashioned chow-down. Delicious food, a vintage Iranian pop soundtrack and small photographic exhibition of some research Sara recently undertook in Tehran. Come, feast, be pleased.