Rachael Clerke – How to achieve redemption as a Scot through the medium of Braveheart – 25th July 2014

How To Braveheart
Rachael feels uneasy about Scotland. She feels uneasy about Alex Salmond and Donald Trump. About golf, tartan and the independence referendum. She feels particularly uneasy about the fact that she once performed the Braveheart freedom speech to Rangers fans outside Ibrox.
Exploring identity, belonging and machismo, How to… Braveheart delves into the personal-political debate of a country on the edge of a decision. Expect rousing speeches, bicycles dressed as horses, a woman dressed as Mel Gibson and your very own Scottish enlightenment. Winner, Ideastap Underbelly Award.
Performance Lecture (60 mins) 
Friday 25th July, 7pm  @ the Milk Bar 
Donations on Entry
After Party – drinks, music, dancing 

photo courtesy of Paul Samuel White